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John Scott Cothill

Digital Marketing Expert with a Proven Commercial Background


Update: 18th July 2014 – below CV is now out of date – Visit my LinkedIn to connect and receive updates.

I am currently employed at R.H. Smith & Sons as the Digital Marketing Manager and I head up all eCommerce activities. This position and those experiences that precede it, I believe to have similar scope and responsibilities to the position you have advertised. In my tenure at R.H. Smith & Sons (and other positions listed below), I have worked to implement a wide range of strategic eCommerce initiatives.

One of my primary responsibilities is the development and management of corporate strategic eCommerce technology. This key experience will benefit your organisation in three key aspects:

  • I have experience developing long-range operating plans in support of varied strategic and tactical business objectives
  • I have expertise on the particular requirements of building a business in this industry
  • I have a demonstrated ability to head departments and businesses as well as reporting to executive leaders across business units and lines of business.

Of equal importance to the position you’ve advertised, I have focused on developing best practices and core competencies for company eCommerce initiatives.

These are just a few examples of my accomplishments. I hope that you will find that this brief view, in combination with the below resume, describe an eCommerce professional with the experience and skills to meet and exceed the requirements of the position of Head of eCommerce, at your business.


John Scott Cothill

– This covering letter is now void –

work experience

2011 - Present

Head of Digital Marketing – R.H. Smith & Sons

A role that has allowed me to exercise and put in to practice all previous experience for a business that is both B2B & B2C facing

In 2011, I was head hunted by R.H. Smith & Sons to lead their very first digital marketing team, as well as help the business for the first time in 120 years to access the direct to consumer market.

Current Career Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Full autonomy and strategic flexibility in all digital marketing & development activities, along with a multi million pound digital budget for all sub-brands
  • Found a business critical issue in our flagship website (inability to convert consumers in to buying customers) that lead to...
    • Development of a new B2C website, while keeping good B2B relations
    • Created the strategy, planning and project execution of the businesses 'ROCCIT' (Replenishment, Ordering, Click & Collect, Information Technology) system that is now found throughout stockists stores, countrywide
  • Strategised with B2B sales team to help penetrate global markets by utilising digital marketing tactics
    • Which in turn has helped the business improve turnover from £45 to £55m+ in past year
  • Head of eCommerce for our Australian brand that has grown to become one of the countries leading online costume retailers in less than two years
    • Revenue growth from A$0 to A$1+ in less than two years, with a relatively low digital marketing spend with past 12 month ROI at 1,000%+

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2009 - Present

Company Director – We Lead Media Limited

Creation of my very own Digital Marketing company

We Lead Media is my pet (spare time) project to scratch my entrepreneurial itch. The creation of this VAT registered, Limited company allowed me to better understand the financial management of a business and put in practice my planning & strategical knowledge from past experiences.

I built up the business in my spare time and had a number of clients, including consultancy work for my past employer (WMpS) and another Leicester based marketing agency.

I also won work from a number of other businesses, including those in the entertainment, financial and telecommunication sectors, which are highly competitive, with large budgets in place. However, with this fierce competition, I've been able to improve and sustain growth for all businesses in an ethical way that has enabled me to keep their business for a number of years.

Most recently, I've secured the employment of an excellent developer and a designer to create my very first SaaS project that is set to be a key asset to many eCommerce managers. The technology is underpinned with focus on ROI and is proven to be one of the most cost effective marketing channels for long-term consumer retention.

Career Highlights:

  • Interviewed by top retail publications, including Retail Weekly for my knowledge on social media and encompassing it in to eCommerce strategies
  • Created a social media campaign that hit mainstream press and acquired over 20,000 Facebook fan page likes in less than 12 hours
  • Created a social media campaign that Ashton Kutcher mentioned, developing a brands following on Twitter by more than 15k
  • Provide SEO & Social Media consultancy on behalf of other digital agencies that require such expertise for their own clients
  • Creation of innovative SaaS
  • Won digital marketing work for such clients as; Interscope Records, Sleek Networks, Meetupcall, Web Marketplace Solutions, Williams Commerce, Lumitech, PDQ Payments Limited, Selima, Hammond Gower & Astrabound, Smiffy's

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2009- 2011

Head of eCommerce – Fancy Dress Outfitters

Turn around of a stagnating business to become highly ROI focused with positive growth

Fancy Dress Outfitters (FDO) was a new eCommerce start-up established in 2009 to disrupt the UK fancy dress industry.

I joined FDO several months after the website went live due to the digital marketing agency at the time being unable to effectively establish a presence for FDO's organic search rankings. By Halloween (peak season), we were positioned on the first page of Google for many of the primary keyword phrase sets, as well as 1,000s of long-tail, high converting rankings.

By early 2010 I was re-positioned by company investors to head up eCommerce operations with business objectives being realigned.

Career Highlights:

  • As Head of eCommerce:
    • Implemented cost savings to the business by minimising outside agency input, re-alignment of internal jobs that met the effective objective of bringing the business in to the black
    • Improved a stagnating business eCommerce growth by establishing a presence in Europe's second largest fancy dress consumer territory; Germany
    • Developed a multi-channel strategy; website, eBay & Amazon
    • Created partnerships with mutually beneficial returns, namely the stag & hen market

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2005 - 2009

SEO Manager – Web Marketplace Solutions

Delivering results for some of the UK's largest FMCGs

I started off my digital marketing career at WMpS, an agency that continues to be entrusted to deliver results for some of the UK's largest retail brands, such as Next, Shop Direct Group and Findel.

I joined WMpS on the bottom rail of the business, publishing data for clients eCommerce websites. This helped me fully understand and learn my craft in a business situation. I soon become one of the four publishing departments team leaders, which I executed for six months before moving on to head the department.

My final position with WMpS was as the SEO manager. I created this small department after proving SEO results from my own personal experiences with affiliate marketing. Now having the ability to execute SEO campaigns for WMpS clients, I successfully grew the SEO client base from 0 to 10, prior to leaving in 2009.

Career Highlights:

  • Recruited and managed a team of 30 that constantly delivered the production of seasonal web catalogues and other assets for Next, Littlewoods and Express Gifts (as well as a number of other ad-hoc clients)
  • Put in place the Six Sigma methodology to iron out quality assurance problems that arouse from digital catalogue production. This increased department efficiency by up to 120% by alleviating rework
  • In 2007, I spent six months in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to establish an overseas office, put in place a management team and ensure satisfactory training and documentation in place to enable the team to perform to the same highest standards as the UK HQ team
  • 2007 to 2009 I was put in charge to establish the companies first ever SEO team. Created white papers and best practice guides for internal use as well as speaking at several digital events, on behalf of the company
  • Delivered exceptional SEO results for that allowed the business to rethink how/if the brand would continue going forward

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2000 - 2005

Sergeant – 16 Air Assault Brigade, British Army

Honed and exercised strategic planning and man management skills

Primarily based in Colchester garrison, I had the pleasure of working with some of the UK's top military commanders and experience of working around the globe, with a diverse, culturally varied work force.

Working in highly pressurised situations, my five years service in the British Army gave me access to many learning experiences from people management and development skills to human intelligence (predicting behavior).

It is with these experiences that made me a well grounded individual to not only make the transition to civilian life with ease, but excel among my peers.

Career Highlights:

  • Soldier of the Year, 2001 (2 Close Support Regiment)
  • Secondment to
  • Promoted to Acting Sergeant and Second in Command for 35 soldiers at the age of 23
  • Resigned with an exemplary record

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Recommendations Received:

All recommendations are verifiable via my LinkedIn profile:


John is an incredibly talented SEO scientist who is passionate about his subject and a highly informed digital marketer.

I have been fortunate to work with John on several projects and hold him in high regard. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their SEO and manage their online operations more effectively.

- Ryan McCarry – Director – Adapt


I worked alongside John while at Web Marketplace Solutions. I was the Marketing and Sales Manager and John helped fulfill my client’s SEO/PPC needs and beyond. John was very involved with our digital pitches to ecommerce clients. He helped provide me with e-marketing strategies and over-delivered on those approaches.

Whatever the goal of the client, whether it be increase average order values or getting new visitors to the website – I knew I could count on John. He was a key team member is setting up client’s new ecommerce platforms as well – putting together the online plan and post launch ensuring we generated target sales. John and I had to work with client’s IT teams, supply chain and logistics teams to meet consumer demands and deliver products purchased online.

In summary…He’s very technical while being able to create and function within the larger marketing/company framework. Plus John is super witty and extremely genuine; he ended up being work-family and a guy I wanted to be around!

- Renee Heath – Digital Marketing Manager at B&G Foods


I have hired and/or introduced John to a number of my clients in the web / e-commerce space. Every client has been delighted with the work that John has produced. From helping clients to establish a workable e-commerce strategy, through to the implementation and embedding of either B2B or B2C e-commerce in the organisation.

John is able to work and engage with Senior C’level management teams through to managing and planning the day to day operations of a department.

John has a fantastic knowledge of using and implementing the various social media / web technologies which exist, across a range of different industries, always with a focus on analytics and the ROI.

- Andrew Walters – MD at Lumitec Ltd


I had the pleasure of working with John on a number of eCommerce and digital projects and I have always found his knowledge of these areas to be impeccable. John’s knowledge coupled with his ability to strategically plan and execute large scale projects make him a fantastic asset to any business looking to expand their digital activity.

Having worked with John on a range projects I have always found him to be a very successful project manager, consistently delivering and exceeding the KPI’s and ROI’s set.

A fantastic colleague to work alongside, I have always found John to be reliable, committed and driven in all aspects of his work and would have no hesitation in working with him again.

- John Tunney - Digital Marketing Manager at Car Care Plan


I have worked with John for a number of years and he is invaluable to the Web Development team. His knowledge of Social Media, Online Marketing and general web strategy makes consulting him vital for any project. He is easy to get on with and takes a balanced view of the team’s input against business requirements.

I’d recommend John for any role in this area based on his personality, experience and the respect he receives at all levels.

- Ed Peckham – Software Development Team Leader at Smiffys


John is extremely knowledgeable in his field of work. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about digital marketing, the internet, eCommerce and beyond. A very motivated and inspiring manager, and a pleasure to work with.

- Clare Rose – Copywriter at R H Smith & Sons


I’ve been fortunate to work with John on a number of projects digital media and eCommerce. His practical application coupled with his creative flair made him a successful project leader. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. John would be a welcome addition to any team! I would recommend him to anyone.

- Chrissy Law – Marketing Manager at Liz Hobbs Group Limited


Having worked with John in a number of roles, he has proven himself to be a very capable in many areas, including but not restricted to Management, Online Marketing and Social Media.

With a willingness to listen to all team members, John goes the extra mile to support and encourage growth along with exploration of new ideas to fulfil not only the teams KPI’s but those of the organisation as a whole.

John’s attitude, attention to detail and overall mentality to work is second to none – an asset to any organisation looking to improve their brand awareness, ROI and overall presence in the online world.

- Chris Garner – Search Marketing & Website Executive at Youth Hostel Association


John is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. I worked with John 7 year’s ago with a media publishing firm. He is a great leader and he possesses exceptional qualities. He knows how to provide crystal clear instructions to his employees. John impressed all of us by transforming the ensuing awkward silence into a lively icebreaker discussion among the production team, and He even initiated brainstorming session’s about potential marketing projects for the organization with great affect.

Throughout our working relationship, John completed his tasks on time and never failed to add a creative touch when appropriate. I would highly recommend him for any position, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about

- Sam Scott – HU20 – Hull’s leading directory for small businesses and local retail shops


I had the pleasure of working with John in my first online marketing job. Although I didn’t report directly to John, I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside John on a number of eCommerce & Lead Gen projects.

John is extremely enthusiastic about all aspects of SEO and Social Media and is a natural born leader. Johns knowledge and passion for the world of online gives him the ability take ownership of both niche and large scale projects.

His professionalism and reliability make John a valued asset to any business who are seeking to develop their team with the addition of someone who brings motivation, a genuine character and that person who will always go above and beyond.

- Kayleigh Browne – Paid Search Manager at WebCertain


Whether working on international fashion brands or dealing with local, specialist clients, John’s work was always of a very high standard. His excellent technical skills, great market understanding, and clear, concise communication (to both clients & team) helped immensely in delivering first class search marketing for a range of clients across the agency.

- Adam Tudor – Senior Digital Marketing Manager at The Black Hole


I have had the pleasure of working with John on numerous projects. I first met him in a professional capacity at Web Marketplace Solutions where he was my team leader. John was responsible for developing SEO strategies for clients and overseeing the team that implemented them. These strategies were innovative and focused on delivering targeted traffic with the aim of achieving high ROI measured through analytical analysis of on site traffic flow.

I learned much of what I know and do in the digital business environment from John as well as learning from his management style and people skills. I would happily recommend him in any capacity, he is a valuable addition to any business.

- Tom Walker – Manager Of Online Services, Castium LTD


I have worked with John for many years, first as a colleague and then as a service provider. In that time, I have come to implicitly trust him for his technical skills, industry knowledge and management skills.

He is always willing to give advice and support, not only does he suggest new directions and can successfully lead a team, but he is willing to listen to other members ideas and take on board what they have to say, making the team an inspiring and enjoyable place to be, giving each member a place, champions their causes and be relied upon for support.

- Neil Taylor – MD


Interested in recruiting me? Let's discuss further! Please call me on 07930172126 for a follow up, or use the form.

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